Advent Wreath Craft Pack

65 €

Treat yourself to a few minutes of disconnection and unleash your creativity while you decorate your home for Christmas. Make yourself the Christmas ornament that decorates your home. You can also give away the pack or your already finished work.

It's very simple!

The pack is available in three shades: green (thurs, pine, eucalyptus, beech, oak), red (holly) or white (cotton).

Are you joining the DIY (do it yourself) trend?

COMPOSITION: The pack contains all the necessary materials:

20 cm straw base

wire thread

flower tape

preserved flowers


Base crown diameter: 20 cm.


Avoid humid environments.

Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Do not water.

Handle with Care.


You can include a handwritten card with the message you want.

Note: All Christmas products are made by hand, by hand and for this reason each wreath or garland is unique, so there may be a slight difference.

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