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The story goes that on Book Day it is traditional to give a rose at the end of a reading and for lovers and loved ones to exchange roses and books. This year we want to make it easy for you in Concari, that's why we propose 3 very special packs so as not to leave anyone indifferent.

In the Bouquet Rouge "Sense and Sensitivity" pack you can find a copy of this classic novel that, like our flowers, have become eternal, transmitting its message from generation to generation. In addition, the careful cover makes this copy a jewel in itself, turning it not only into a book, but into a precious decorative object that will be perfect in any corner of your home, accompanied by one of our most beautiful, bright and harmonious bouquets. : the Bouquet Rose.

A gift with which to surprise on this special day, in a different and elegant way.

Hurry up, this collection is limited and there are few units!

SYNOPSIS "Sense and Sensibility":

In Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen subtly and ironically explores the options of women in a rigid society, where success or failure depends on the husband's choice. The story centers on two sisters, Elinor and Marianne, whose antagonistic personalities exemplify two possible female responses to the prevailing hypocrisy: "common sense" and "sensitivity." However, both one path and the other entail their dangers...

COMPOSITION: 3 preserved red garden roses accompanied by eucalyptus.

Our bouquets are handmade, depending on the season there may be some small variation, but the same line of style and tonality will always be followed. The preserved flowers are natural, treated, so we do not make two exactly identical bouquets. You'll love it!

Do you want to make any changes or have us personalize it for you? Get in touch with us

Avoid humid environments.
Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Do not put in water.
Handle with Care.

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