Bouquet Cyliane

155 €

Giving flowers is always a good idea at any time of the year, but at Christmas it is always a success.

Our cyliane bouquet transports us to the snowflakes of Christmas. The ocher and white cotton touches bring light to any space, and are in themselves the Christmas essence that we are looking for.

A different bouquet for those who prefer a more discreet Christmas decoration or to have a detail with one of your loved ones... and most importantly, it will last as long as you want as long as you respect their care.

*The bouquet in the photograph is the large size.

COMPOSITION: cotton flower, baby green eucalyptus, green eucalyptus cinerea, maroon eucalyptus cinerea, ruscus leaves

Our bouquets are handmade, depending on the season there may be some small variation, but the same line of style and tonality will always be followed. The preserved flowers are natural, treated, so we do not make two exactly identical bouquets. You'll love it!

Do you want to make any changes or have us personalize it for you? Get in touch with us

Height: 70cm
Diameter: 60cm
Height: 50cm
Diameter: 30cm

As they are preserved natural products, the measurements are approximate since it will depend at each moment on the flowering of the product.

Avoid humid environments.
Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Do not put in water.
Handle with Care.

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