Pack 3 candles Cerería Mollà

29 €

Complete your bouquet with a candle of the softest and most elegant floral fragrance!

Heart notes of Bulgarian roses, honey, cloves, sandalwood, cedar wood, jasmine and patchouli are the components of this classic handmade candle following the original CERERIA MOLLA 1899 formula that combines: vegetable waxes that do not emit smoke , cotton wick and the best essences, achieving a very high quality and environmentally friendly product.

The darker Damascus rose, rich and velvety, is wrapped in smoky Oud wood. Considered the jewel in the crown of perfumers (along with jasmine or rose), Oud wood gives perfumes a dark, powerful, mysterious category... that accompanies that of fresh garden rose creating a pleasant aroma. for your home.

Aromas Rose & Oud, Black Orchid & lily. Moroccan cedar

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