Our path began a few years ago, when a group of women met by chance and we discovered that there was something that united us all: our love of flowers. We decided to join forces and create a common project, becoming pioneers in the distribution of a hitherto unknown product: preserved flowers.
The preserved flowers were a challenge for us, due to their great beauty and durability. They are designed and made by hand, one by one, giving each flower personality and making it a unique and unrepeatable element. Our work, together with the quality and wide variety of flowers that we offer, have led us to become one of the largest distributors of preserved flowers in Spain. Our flowers are original and exclusive, unique and eternal.
What are preserved flowers?
The fresh and recently cut flowers are subjected to a delicate freeze-drying process, making them maintain their natural state, aroma and preserve all their splendor for a long time. Each flower is submerged in a mixture of water and glycerin, thus replacing its mineral salts and making them immortal.
Today we are specialists in preserved and natural flowers, bouquets, floral details, flower decoration, centerpieces, bridal bouquets... . All of them as freshly cut and taken from the field for you.