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Our Emi bouquet is the perfect complement for brides who get married in the spring or summer months. Its warm tones provide luminosity and that touch of elegance and beauty that we all desire. The combination of sunflowers, with daisies, gysophilia and oats will make the bride shine. A most original bouquet, for a moment that will always be remembered.

You can also give your most special guests the replica of the bouquet (available in three sizes)

*All the bouquets of the bridal collection have the replica version and on. It can also be customized with the shades that best suit your style. It can be requested through chat or the "Personalized bouquets" section.

COMPOSITION: Sunflowers, daisies, natural color gysophila and oats.

Our bouquets are handmade, depending on the season there may be some small variation, but the same line of style and tonality will always be followed. The preserved flowers are natural, treated, so we do not make two exactly identical bouquets. You'll love it!

Do you want to make any changes or have us personalize it for you? Get in contact with us customerservice@concari.es

Height: 40 cm
Diameter: 30 cm

*As they are preserved natural products, the measurements are approximate since it will depend at each moment on the flowering of the product*

Avoid humid environments
Do not expose to direct sunlight
do not water
Handle with Care

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