125 €

The new wild variety that is capturing the attention of all brides. Our most groundbreaking trend for brides with the most personality. One of the favorite bets for those who prefer simplicity as a complement to their bridal look.

Due to its wild origin and simple appearance, the paniculata has been commonly used as a complement, filler or foliage in flower arrangements. However, now it is in the bridal bouquet where it takes center stage.

A design adaptable to any type of bouquet, elongated, cascading... ask for it as best suits you in our Personalized Bouquets section.

Available in its version on for the groom's jacket, to match the bouquet. Don't forget to include it as an 'extra' when ordering.

An unforgettable gift for the most special guests is to give them a replica of the bouquet. It is available in three sizes and is made identically to the bridal bouquet.

COMPOSITION: paniculate.

As they are preserved natural products, the measurements are approximate since it will depend at each moment on the flowering of the product.

Avoid humid environments.
Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Do not water.

Handle with Care.

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